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Sarah Lucas Furniture in collaboration with London Art Workshop

Sarah Lucas with Sadie Coles HQ
Whitechapel Gallery, London
Tramway, Glasgow
Over the past 18 months we have been developing a range of furniture with the artist Sarah Lucas. The results featured in her recent shows at the Whitechapel Gallery and Tramway Glasgow. All 14 limited-edition pieces were presented at the Milan Furniture Fair.

Tables, chairs, a bench, sofas and free-standing partition walls, these limited-edition pieces mark a dramatic new development in the artist’s practice, using materials that have previously acted as plinths for her artworks. Each piece is numbered, stamped and signed by the artist. Sarah Lucas represented the UK at the 2015 Venice Biennale.

“Furniture is the plinth of our lives; it turns us into sculpture… Sarah Lucas offers a typically brutal travesty of such domestic dreams: be cool, sit on well-framed breeze blocks. It will turn you into art.”
Jonathan Jones, The Guardian, 8 April 2014

“The concrete breeze blocks used in the pieces are identically sized and have been embedded horizontally or vertically into the pale wooden frames, creating a grid-like appearance. Lucas said she used the materials because they are “meaningful in terms of their uses in the outside world. They say a lot and are also low key — they don’t overwhelm the sculptures.” The largest piece in the collection is the freestanding partition wall, a structure made from 10 by 10 concrete blocks that have been set in a uniform grid. The smallest is a table made of just one block that can slide in and out of its frame.”
Dezeen magazine